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Software defined perimeter benefits

This article understands the important benefits of Software defined perimeter solution compared with the traditional perimeter and how it could help your organization with better security and infrastructure. SDP Solution by Perimeter 81- Click Here 1. Benefit over VPN Remote access VPN technology is used when remote

wifi router for large home.

If you need to buy a wifi router for large home, mesh routers are recommended. The benefits of mesh routers and the disadvantages when you are using a basic wifi router is explained below. Buy Mesh Routers – Click Here Basic router disadvantage In a large home

Do you need to buy anti virus software

Why do you need to buy anti virus or an internet security software ? This article understands in detail why an anti virus or internet security software is recommended for your devices, be it PC’s, laptops , mobiles. The internet has now become a hackers playground. All

Wifi 6 router review

This post reviews wifi 6 routers and explains why you should purchase or upgrade your existing router. The wifi 6 router review focus predominantly on 5 different criterion. Buy Wifi 6 Router from Amazon 1. Speed Wifi 6 supports a speed of 9.6 Gbps, distributed across 2.4

Google Mesh router review

The google mesh router reviewed. 7 best google mesh router features reviewed, to help you buy the router for your home and small office network. 1. Large Area The google mesh router provides seamless internet connection across your house. It eliminates wireless dead zones and provide significant

Ring indoor camera review

The ring indoor camera reviewed. This post reviews the 5 best features of the ring indoor camera and answers the common FAQ’s by customers. 1. Video The camera supports 1080 High Definition (HD) video with live video support. All activities on the camera can be viewed live.

What is a protocol analyzer

A protocol analyzer is a software which is used to decode information inside a specific protocol. These software are predominantly used to analyze the internals of protocols. Some of the common scenarios where protocol analyzers are used are described below. 1. Network troubleshooting. Network engineers use protocol

How to improve internet speed at home

This article explains 3 methods by which you can improve internet speed at home. Users complain that inspite of having fast internet speed from the ISP, the speed at home is significantly lower when a speedtest is done. There are two main causes for this issue. 1.

What is the difference between router and modem

This article explains the difference between router and modem. It is a common convention among home users to address their wireless routers as modems which is incorrect. The fundamental difference between a router and modem is explained. Understanding modems A modem is a device which is used

How to limit bandwidth on router

This article explains how to limit bandwidth on router. Bandwidth control is a feature which is available on wireless routers which would allow to limit the bandwidth that can be used on a network by a specific PC or a group of PCs. The step by step

How to setup a wireless network at home

This article explains how to setup a wireless network at home. The step by step procedure to setup, and the equipment’s required to setup a wireless network is suggested. There are 3 laptops and 2 desktops and a wireless printer which needs to be setup at home.

How to setup file sharing on home network

This article explains how to setup file sharing on home network with the use of router, NAS (Network attached storage) and the cloud. File sharing setup with router Routers comes with USB port. Check if your router has a USB port. If your router does not have

How to connect two computers to one printer

This article explains how to connect two computers to one printer. Here we assume that you have a USB printer which needs to be connected with two computers. Follow the steps for setup. Step 1 1. Purchase a 2 port USB switch. The 2 port USB switch

Can a wireless printer be used with a wired computer

This article understands if a wireless printer can be used with a wired computer. As part of troubleshooting, I had to visit an old friend of mine. He had issues with his printer on the network and was in two minds as to upgrade his printer or

How to troubleshoot slow internet

This article explains how to troubleshoot slow internet with various different scenarios and how to fix. Slow internet can arise due to various reasons like packet loss, bandwidth hogging, router hardware issues etc. Listed are the 4 most important scenarios encountered and how to troubleshoot slow internet.

What is a gigabit switch

This article understands explains what is a gigabit switch and its advantages and types. Gigabit switches are much faster than the traditional fast ethernet switches. Fast ethernet switches delivers 100 Mpbs speed on each port of the switch. Gigabt switches delivers 1000 Mpbs on each of the

How to setup a wireless router

This article explains how to setup a wireless router. We assume that an internet connection is available at the location where the router is to be setup. Step 1 – System Identification Identify the systems which needs to be connected to the wireless router. This can be

How to setup a Wired Home Network

This article understands how to setup a wired home network and the required components for the same. The focus is to understand a scenario where the internet connection at home needs to be extended to a wired network and there are different devices at each floor like

Why you should use VPN on Public Wifi

This article understands why you should use VPN on public Wifi.When you are connected to public Wifi, you would connect to the nearest wireless transmitter / access point using the credentials provided by the wifi service provider. You would connect, with or without a common password. On

What is a VPN Router

This article explains the fundamentals of a VPN router. VPN Routers are used for providing connectivity to users remotely as well connect multiple networks through the internet. VPN , which stands for Virtual private network , is a technology which is implemented on the routers. VPN uses