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How to protect your PC from ransomware attacks

This article explains the steps you must follow to protect your PC from the ransomware attacks. A ransomware as the name suggests, is a software which encrypts the files on your PC, and then demand a ransom for decryption for making the files usable again. This is

How to setup a network for 5 computers with a switch

This article explains the components you require to setup a network with 5 computers. It is assumed that all the computers have network cards inbuilt in them. Step 1 To setup a network for 5 computers, you would need a network switch. As there are 5 computers

Best Network Switch for Gaming On a Budget

The following is our recommendation for the best network switch for gaming on a budget. The three top priorities of a gaming environment would be speed, performance and quality. When buying a network switch for gaming, the following three minimum features are recommended when you are on

How to setup a LAN network with case study

Learn the components like switches, routers , cables needed to set up a LAN network. This article explains how you can setup a LAN network along with a case study to help understand how the different components would fit in the solution. Step 1 – Switches Identify

How to choose a wireless router for your home network

This article explains the criterion to look for to choose a wireless router for your Home Network. 7 criterion for selecting a wireless router is explained. 1. Internet Speed If your internet speed is between 10 Mbps to 100 Mpbs , you need to buy a router

10 security best practices for cloud servers

If you are planning to host a server on a cloud infrastructure , be sure you implement the following 10 security best practices. 1. Ransomware and other malware Ransomware is the most dreaded cyber attack where the hacker encrypts all your sensitive data and demands a ransom

Can your email password be exposed on public wifi networks

Have you ever wondered if your email password can be exposed on public wifi networks ? This article explains if your email password can be exposed by hackers on public wifi networks. 1. You have connected to an airport wifi network with the password provided by the

What is a triband router and when you should buy one

What is a triband router A triband router works in three frequency range. It uses one 2.4 Ghz band and dual 5 Ghz bands. Although speeds on different bands can vary based on the router type, a typical triband router can support 600 Mpbs on the 2.4

How to make your old router as access point

This article explains the steps to follow to make your old router as an access point. A home network was upgraded with a fiber connection, for which a new router supporting fiber port was required. The old router is then made as a an access point which

3 reasons why your online meetings disconnects at home

Explore the three reasons why your online meeting disconnects at home. 1. Router supports only 2.4 Ghz Your router would be supporting only the 2.4 Ghz band. This is a crowded band which is used by almost all users in the neighborhood. When in a crowded environment,

Will Cloud Networking eliminate small business network switches

Will small business network switches be eliminated due to cloud networking? The following case study could provide an insight on the same. ABC limited , a small business organization with 300 users had their internal servers in house. They had 4 servers, for Sales, Development, HR, Finance.

3 ways to extend your home wifi network and the verdict

This article explains 3 ways to extend your home wifi network. We are living in times when your internet at home should be available at all the rooms. With the advancement of technology, a lot of connected devices are now present at your home like smart TV,

How to limit screen time for kids

Limiting screen time for kids is a difficult task. The tried and tested options are listed below. 1. You tell the child to stop TV after a certain time, but it is not followed. 2. You set a pin on amazon firestick, but your child is smart

Software defined perimeter benefits

This article understands the important benefits of Software defined perimeter solution compared with the traditional perimeter and how it could help your organization with better security and infrastructure. SDP Solution by Perimeter 81- Click Here 1. Benefit over VPN Remote access VPN technology is used when remote

wifi router for large home.

If you need to buy a wifi router for large home, mesh routers are recommended. The benefits of mesh routers and the disadvantages when you are using a basic wifi router is explained below. Buy Mesh Routers – Click Here Basic router disadvantage In a large home

Do you need to buy anti virus software

Why do you need to buy anti virus or an internet security software ? This article understands in detail why an anti virus or internet security software is recommended for your devices, be it PC’s, laptops , mobiles. The internet has now become a hackers playground. All

Wifi 6 router review

This post reviews wifi 6 routers and explains why you should purchase or upgrade your existing router. The wifi 6 router review focus predominantly on 5 different criterion. Buy Wifi 6 Router from Amazon 1. Speed Wifi 6 supports a speed of 9.6 Gbps, distributed across 2.4

Google Mesh router review

The google mesh router reviewed. 7 best google mesh router features reviewed, to help you buy the router for your home and small office network. 1. Large Area The google mesh router provides seamless internet connection across your house. It eliminates wireless dead zones and provide significant

Ring indoor camera review

The ring indoor camera reviewed. This post reviews the 5 best features of the ring indoor camera and answers the common FAQ’s by customers. 1. Video The camera supports 1080 High Definition (HD) video with live video support. All activities on the camera can be viewed live.