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Two internet connections on one router – How this works

If you have two internet connection and want to connect it on one router, then this solution would help you. How to use two internet connections at the same time To setup and use two internet connections at the same time on a router, you need a

Best Firewall router for home

Check out our recommendation on the best firewall router for your home. The products are recommended based on the size of your home. Two firewall routers are recommeded for 5000 sqft and 3000 sqft home respectively. If you have a router at home that does not support

Home Network Security: 9 steps to secure your home network

Our home network security guide has checklists which would bulletproof and secure your home network in 9 steps. In todays environment, the internet is infested with various types of malware and other threats. If your home network is not secured, it could become an easy point for

What does a wireless router do

This article explains the 10 important things that a wireless router does for your home and office network. Wireless router connects to the internet with the necessary protocol Wireless router connects to the internet for you. They support protocols which enable to communicate with the ISP and

Wireless access point vs router

This article answers 11 most significant frequently asked questions on wireless access point vs routers. Detailed explanation is provided for each question. What is the basic difference between Wifi router and access point The main functionality of a Wif-router is to allow communication between networks. A Wifi-router

How to access home network remotely

The article explains 3 ways to access your home network remotely. Be it a single PC, entire network or your home IP camera, this article explains the technique and method to access the network. How to access your entire home network Lets assume that you have a

6 ways your home wireless router can be hacked.

Can your wireless router be hacked ?. Yes it can. A home router can be vulnerable to be hacked if not properly configured. If your Home wireless router is exposed to the other users in the vicinity, you should be aware that it can be hacked. This