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A VPN ROUTER is predominantly used for remote access connectivity. There are two types of remote connectivity. These are site to site and user to site.

A site to site remote connectivity is used in a scenario where you need to link up two remote offices or a home and remote office. A user to site remote connectivity is used in scenario where an office user needs remote access to corporate office or his home.

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What does a vpn router do

A VPN ROUTER establishes a secure encrypted connection over the internet. It ensures that only authorized users can access the network and all data is send over the internet tunnel using encryption.

VPN routers use technology like IPSEC, SSL for establishing secure VPN tunnels.

is a vpn router worth it

A VPN router is definitely worth it if you have specific requirements. Lets take a scenario where you want to link two offices which are in different geographical locations. In this case, a VPN router can be very useful.It would help link up the offices using a secure encrypted channel which can be accesible only by authorized users.

It is also useful in a scenario where a home user needs to access the home network from a different location through the internet. The home user connects to the VPN router installed at home to gain remote access.

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does a vpn router slow down internet speed

A vpn router can possible slow down internet speeds. This is because, all packets which are send to the internet has to be encrypted and later decrypted by the router when the packets comes back. Compared with a normal router, where additional encryption is not needed, this could impact the performance.

This would again be dependent on the type of the specifications of the VPN routers. Some routers have additional processing capacity for VPN traffic.

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