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Can a wireless printer be used with a wired computer

This article understands if a wireless printer can be used with a wired computer. As part of troubleshooting, I had to visit an old friend of mine. He had issues with his printer on the network and was in two minds as to upgrade his printer or

Why you should use VPN on Public Wifi

This article understands why you should use VPN on public Wifi.When you are connected to public Wifi, you would connect to the nearest wireless transmitter / access point using the credentials provided by the wifi service provider. You would connect, with or without a common password. On

Wifi Connected But No Internet – Fix

The article understands how to fix Wifi connected but no internet problem. Fix Step 1 – Check the IP address on the device which is connected (Laptop or Phone). The IP address should be on the same range as that provided by the wireless router. For example,

What is ransomware and how to prevent it

This article understands what ransomware is how you can prevent it. Ransomware is a type of malware which would make your data inaccessible or unreadable. It encrypts your data using some software and makes it unusable. Ransomware can be targeted on laptops, mobile devices and even web

Wireless router buyers guide

Q1. Do you need to block some websites for your employees / users? Yes No Q2. Do you want to restrict access to Internet for some of the devices connected to your network? Yes No Q3. Do you want to access the computers from outside your network

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