Yes. You can connect a wireless access point to a switch. The solution explains the steps to be followed to connect an access point to a switch along with a list of FAQ and product recommendation.

Access points have ethernet ports on them. These are used for connecting to a switch port. The connection between the switch port and the access point is done using Ethernet cable

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The following steps explains how to setup an access point with a switch.

Step 1

1. Configure the IP address of the access point. This could either be a static IP address or a dynamic IP address which is allocated by the router or DHCP server on the network.

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Step 2

2. Once the IP address and other wifi and security parameters are configured , connect the ethernet port of the access point to the switch using Ethernet cable.

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Step 3

3. To verify the setup, you can ping the IP address of the access point from a system on the network to verify connectivity.


Can you connect a wireless access point to any switch

Yes. Any ethernet switches can be used for connection. Ethernet is a an industry standard and access points will works with any switches.

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Can you connect a wireless access point to a POE switch

Yes. You can connect a wireless access point to a POE switch provided, the ethernet port on the access point supports POE. All ethernet ports would not be POE. This has be confirmed before purchase in the appropriate specification of the access point.

Product Recommendation

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