This article understands how to setup a gigabit home network. A gigabit network requires 1000 Mpbs of speed. On a typical home router, the ethernet ports on the wireless router would support only 100 Mpbs. The router needs to be replaced with a wireless gigabit router with gigabit ethernet ports. Follow the steps.

1. Purchase a router which has support for gigabit wireless and gigabit ethernet ports. The wireless router (NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (R6700) – AC1750 shown below has support for gigabit wireless and has 4 gigabit ethernet ports. It supports dual band upto 450+1300 Mpbs.

The wireless router can be be checked out here – Wireless gigabit router

2. The LAN card of computers / desktops needs to be replaced with gigabit network cards for achieving gigabit ethernet speeds. Gigabit ethernet cards can be checked out here – Gigabit Ethernet card

3. If the inbuilt wireless cards on the laptops does not support gigabit speeds , additional USB wireless adapter which supports gigabit speeds needs to be purchased. Wifi gigabit adapters can be checked out here

Wifi gigabit adapter

4. Connect the desktops to the gigabit ethernet ports on the wireless router after replacing the adapters with the upgraded cards

5. Connect the laptops to the wireless router. If the inbuilt cards did not have support for gigabit speeds and you purchased a gigabit wifi adapter, ensure that the laptop connects to the wireless router using the adapter and not the inbuilt card as it would not provide gigabit speed.

The above steps would ensure that you have setup a gigabit home network successfully.

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