This article explains the feature on wireless router which you can use to limit internet access at home. Wireless routers with parental control feature can be used to limit internet access at home.

A list of FAQ compilation is provided at the end of the post.

Internet access at home is typically uncontrolled. Any one has access to the internet at any point of time. Your kids might be playing or downloading data which could increase your data usage and slow down the internet.

Your kids might also view internet content which could be in-appropriate for the age.

In this article we explain the parental control feature available on the Gryphon Parental Control Router which can be used to limit the internet access of home users.

Using this router, internet can be controlled for 3 parameters.

Internet access control by setting time limit

Using this feature the internet access for users can controlled for a specific time duration. This feature is useful when you have kids at home for which the internet time has to be controlled. The feature is configurable via the app available with the Gryphon Parental Control Router . A screenshot of the app is shown below.

Internet access control by age

In a typical home network, there is no access control to websites. This could be malware infected websites or websites in-appropriate to kids at home.

The Gryphon Parental Control Router has a feature where age based control can be setup for internet access. The router has locally stored a list of malware infected websites.

Using this feature, websites in-appropriate for users based on the age would be blocked automatically.

This feature can be configured with the app available on the router. The screenshot of feature available on the app is shown below.

Total Internet control

The router also has a feature available which can be used to totally stop the internet with a single click. This is a useful feature which can be used to lock out the internet when any suspicious activity or unauthorized access has been detected.


1. Can I configure these features on my Wifi router at home

If your router has support for parental control feature with internet access option, you should be able to configure it. You can check the specification document of your router for confirming the same,

2. Are there any other routers which has this feature.

Yes. You can check Wireless router with parental control feature on Amazon. If you need more help, please email us your question. Click to email

3. Does this router offer additional security

You can purchase the additional malware protection service for the router. This service is free for the first year but billed from the consecutive year. Currently the price is $89.

4. Is there a way to know the websites which my kid has accessed.

Yes. The app has a web browsing history feature. This would display the list of websites a specific device has accessed during a specific duration. Using this feature, the list of websites accessed can be retrieved.

5. I am interested in buying this router. From where do I buy it

You can buy the Gryphon Parental Control Router from Amazon.