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This solution understands how to connect your laptop to TV wirelessly. The solution understands the device which can used for the purpose and also include a compilation of common FAQ’s related to the solution with answers.

For this solution to work, you need to purchase a Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver.

The wireless hdmi transmitter device comes in pair. One unit is used for transmitting and the other unit is used for recieving the signal.

The screenshot of the device is shown below. The device has a USB port which is used to connect to your laptop and other devices like TV.

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How to connect laptop to TV wirelessly with wireless HDMI transmitter

As mentioned above, the device comes in pair. The transmitter and reciever units are marked respectively as Tx and Rx. This can be observed in the above image.

The transmitter unit should be connected to device which is transmitting the video. In this case, this becomes your laptop. The unit is connected to the laptop to the USB port.

The reciever unit should be connected to device which is recieving the video. This becomes your TV in this case.


1. Do I need wifi router for this solution to work

You do not need additional wifi router for this sollution to work. The communication happens between the two devices which has inbuilt wifi.

2. Can I use this device to connect to a projector

Yes. Provided the projector has a USB port to which the device can be connected.

3. What distance does the device provide coverage

The device can provide a distance of 98ft/30m.

4. Do I need to setup additional software for the device to work

You need not have any additional software to be installed and setup for the device.

5. Do I need additional power.

Additional power is not needed. The device would be powered using the USB on the respective devices.

6. Why do I need this if I have wifi.

This depends on your operating system and the type of TV you have. If you have a smart TV combined with Windows 10 operating system, you need not buy this device. Your operating system may have a screencasting software which can be used to connect to the smart TV and share your screen.

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