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Dual wan routers are used on a home network when you have 2 internet connections on your network and you would want to make the best use of both connections for improved speed and performance.

The Synology RT2600ac – 4×4 dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router is an ideal choice for a DUAL WAN router you can use at home.

The following are the top buyer faq’s about this router.

1. What type of Dual wan configurations can be setup on the router

The router supports dual wan feature which is supported both on LAN and WAN interfaces. This makes it possible to accomodate two internet connection at the same time . The router can be configured in fail over and load balancing mode.

In load balancing mode, you can setup two internet connections simultaneously. Based on the traffic, the internet would be shared among the users on the network. This is a transparent process and the users would be unaware of which internet connection is being used.

In fail over mode, only one internet connection is used at a time. The secondary internet connection would be used only only if the primary connection fails.

2. Does dual wan increase speed

The speed of the network and performance would increase when load balancing is configured. This is because, the internet load is balanced between the two internet connections and both the connections are used simultaneously as opposed to single connection.

3. Is the router single or dual band and what speeds do I get

Synology RT2600ac – 4×4 dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router supports dual band (2.4 and 5 Ghz) and provides a total wireless bandwidth of 2.53 Gbps (800 + 1733Mbps) on both the channels.

4. I have a USB printer. Can I connect it to the router

The router has inbuilt USB external port. This makes it possible for devices like printers , USB drives to be connected to the router and shared.

5. How many users can the router support at a time

The router supports 100 users at a time. In real time testing, 120 users were able to connect.

6. Does the router support VLAN

The router supports VLANs. You can configure a maximum of 5 VLAN.

7. I want to setup a VPN to my network. Can this router work

The router supports VPN server (WebVPN, SSL VPN, SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, Site-to-Site). The VPN server can be configured on the router to setup a VPN to the internal network.

8. I want to check browsing history. Is this possible

Yes, The router maintains a log of the website history.

9. Does the router support firewall features

Yes. This is an add on feature which needs to be purchased at additional cost.

10. Can I monitor and control my kids internet access with this router

Yes. This can be configured by using an add on feature in the router.


If you have two internet connections at home and want to use it simultaneously, the Synology RT2600ac – 4×4 dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router would be the best dual wan router you would want to explore for your home network.

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