In this article we understand how to stop a DDOS attack at home or office network by using advanced routers.

DDOS stands for distributed denial of service attack. To block a ddos attack with your router , you need to have a router with ddos protection.

You would need to check the specification of the router to understand if it can block DOS and DDOS attacks.

If not, you could upgrade with a router with DDOS protection. The following are the types of routers which can prevent DDOS attacks.

router with ddos protection

There are routers which comes with ddos protection. Using the appropirate features in the router, you can stop a ddos attack at home or office. The below sections explains two different routers which has ddos protection inbuilt.

netgear ddos protection router

The NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S Smart Wi-Fi Router is a netgear ddos protection router which has the feature inbuilt and can provide protection against the attacks.

Netgear routers have a security feature which is known as netgear armor which provides protection from internet based threats. Netgear armor has an additional feature which provides protection from DOS and DDOS attacks.

More details on the other netgear routers which has the netgear armor feature can be checked on Amaazon here –
Netgear router with armor feature

Asus DDOS protection router

Asus routers also have the capabilty to protect your home network from DDOS attacks. Asus ddos protection routers comes with AI protection pro which is used for Internet security. Using the appropirate features in the router, you can stop a ddos attack at home or office.

The screenshot of the image on Asus router is shown below.

Based on your requirement, you can check different types of Asus router with AI protection on Amazon

DDOS attack FAQ

How long does a DDOS last on a router

There is no specific duration for a DDOS attack. It could be a continious process or could happen as per the schedule set by the attacker. There is no way to check when it would end.

Can a router stop a DDOS attack

Yes. a router can stop a DOS/DDOS attack. Netgear and Asus routers have the capability to stop these attacks. The types of routers are specified in the article.

Does DDOS affect Wifi

A DDOS attack is targetted to the routers. The goal of the attack is to bring the router down. When the router becomes down, all the associated services with the router also becomes unservicable. This include Wifi

So DDOS will affect Wifi and can make it unservicable.

Does changing IP stop DDOS

By changing the IP address, you can halt the DDOS attack temporarily. But there are numerous ways by which the newly configured IP address can be found out.

So this would not be a solution to the problem.

What happens to internet during DDOS attack

Your internet will stop working since your router would be down during a DDOS attack .

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