This article explains the concept of gigabit internet and answers the common FAQs.

Gigabit internet is an internet connection which your ISP allocates with gigabit speed ( 1000 Mbps). It is extremely fast and is useful in scenarios like gaming, lag free streaming, faster downloads etc.

What is the difference between gigabit internet and normal internet

The internet speed of normal internet can range between 20-300 Mbps. This could also vary according to your ISP. Gigabit internet supports speed of 1000 Mbps.

Do I have gigabit internet

How do you know if you already have gigabit internet. The best way to find out is to check your internet bills. The bill will specify if you already have gigabit internet. The second way is to call up your ISP and find out the details of your plan.

Can my router handle gigabit internet

This would be dependent on the type and model of the router. To support gigabit internet, yur router should support gigabit WAN interface. This has to be checked by looking into the details of the router. If your router does not support it, then you will not achieve gigabit internet speed after you upgrade.

Plan to upgrade your router to a gigabit router if it does not support. Check out our article – Wifi router for gigabit internet connection.

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Can my computer handle gigabit internet

Your computer or laptop is connected to your router to which the gigabit internet connection from the ISP is connected. The effective speed which your computer or laptop has would be dependent on the type of wifi or ethernet card on it.

For example, if the wifi card or ethernet card supports gigabit, then you should get gigabit speeds. If the card supports only fast ethernet ( 100 Mbps), then you would only achieve fast ethernet speeds irrespective of your gigabit internet speeds.

You can look to upgrade your wifi or ethernet card to gigabit speeds for the best performance.

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Do I need gigabit internet at home

If your requirement is bandwidth intensive applications like gaming, heavy and continous downloads, then you may need a gigabit internet. This would improve your internet speed and performance.

Can I get gigabit internet at my house

You need to check with your ISP to find out if they have gigabit internet in your area.

Do you need wifi 6 for gigabit internet

You do not need wifi 6 for gigabit internet. Wifi 6 is a Wifi standard. It helps in improving the speed and performance of your wifi network. Any wifi router which has gigabit WAN interface can support gigabit internet.

Check out our article – Wifi router for gigabit internet connection.

is gigabit internet good for gaming

Yes. gigabit internet is definitely good for gaming. This would help to achieve a better gaming performance and also will not slow down your internet for other traffic since there is sufficient bandwidth.

A gigabit internet combined with a gaming router would give you the ultimate gaming performance.

Check out our article Best gaming router for large home if you have plans to upgrade your router.

What wifi speeds should I expect with gigabit internet

Intrenet and wifi speeds are different. Wifi speeds are dependent on your router and the internet speed is allocated by your ISP. Irrespective of whether your internet speed is gigabit or lower, wifi speeds would be dependent on the speed which the wifi routers model support.

what ethernet cable do I need for gigabit internet

For gigabit internet, you should use at least Category 6 Ethernet cable. These cables can handle gigabit speeds. You can check out for CAT 6 CABLES on Amazon.

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