This article explains the three best ways which you can implement to fix wifi dead spots in house. A wifi dead spot is an area within your network where there are no wireless signals.

Common FAQs and recommended products related to the solution is provided at the end of the page. This would help you select the best solution for solving the problem of Wifi dead spots on your network.

How to fix wifi dead spots using Wifi extender

Wifi Extender is a device which would amplify your Wifi signals and increase the signal strength in areas where it is not available. This is connected to an area which has Wifi signal and which would then be used to amplify the signal to area where Wifi is not available.

This solution is recommended when the area is small and you just need coverage in one or two rooms

How to fix wifi dead spots using Mesh router

If the router used on the network is not powerful and the area to be covered is large, then it is time to upgrade your router to Mesh routers . Mesh routers solve and fix Wifi dead spots in house and are more efficient than Wifi extender.

Mesh routers can be bought in units of 1,2,3 4 based on the requirement. It also provides ease of configuration and management from an app installed on your mobile.

How to fix wifi dead spots using Wireless Access point

Wireless access point can also be used as a solution to fix Wifi dead spots on a home network. Wireless access points can be installed as access point or repeater mode.

In repeater mode, the access point works like a Wifi extender. It is setup in a place where there is Wifi signal and which is then amplified to the area where the signal is unavailable.

In access point mode, the access point is connected to the network using a network cable. If cabling is not a problem, then access point mode would be a better choice.

wifi dead spots app

A WiFi dead spot app can help users identify wifi dead spots in their home an office. It provides quality and strength of wifi signals, helps to find wifi dead spots. The WIFI-DEAD SPOT is an app which is available on google playstore , which can be use to spot wifi dead spots.

Solution FAQ

1. I have Wifi dead spots in my home. My home is around 5000 sqft in size. What solution is recommended for this setup.

For a large home Mesh routers is recommended. The number of units of mesh router can be selected based on the area which needs to be covered. Although solutions like access points or extenders may work, use of Mesh routers would be the best choice.

2. I have Wifi dead spots in my small office. My office is around 2000 sqft in size. What solution is recommended for this setup.

It is recommended you use an extender or a Wifi access point. If cabling is not a problem, access point mode on the access point can be used as the best solution.

3. Will all Wifi extenders work with all wireless router

No. This would depend on the band of the Wifi router. For example, if the Wifi router supports only 2.4 Ghz, then a 5 Ghz extender not work. The extender should be purchased based on the Wifi band supported by the router.

Recommended products

The recommended WiFi extenders, mesh routers and access points are provided below.

1. The TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender is a dual band extender which supports speed up to 1200 sqft and supports about 20 devices. The extender works with 2.4 and 5 Ghz radio. It also has an ethernet port, which makes it possible to directly plug wired internet connection and work as an access point. This would be a good buy for a small office or home.

2. The NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi is an ideal choice for a large home or office. The mesh system covers a total area of 5000 sqft. It also has an add on satellite feature. The router is triband making it possible to segregate and use 3 Wifi networks.

3. The NETGEAR Wireless Access Point (WAC510) supports upto 200 clients. It achieves a coverage area of 2000 sqft and provides a total speed of 1.3 Gbps.

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