This solution explains how you can connect your laptop to monitor using vga cable. Laptops nowadays do not have VGA port inbuilt in them. It should be ensured that your laptop has a USB port for this solution to work.

This solution is useful in scenarios where you want to view the laptop screen on a bigger monitor or your laptop screen has stopped working and you are looking for a solution to use it without changing the screen or the laptop.

Follow the steps for setup.

Step 1

A USB to VGA adapter is required for this solution to work. This adapter is used to connect the USB port on the laptop to the VGA cable from the monitor.

The USB 3.0 to VGA Adapter is a good choice. The below image shows the device.

The device is typically a converter which is used to convert USB to VGA. The USB end is connected to the laptop and the VGA end to the VGA cable of the monitor.

The details of same can be checked out on Amazon here – USB to VGA adapter

Step 2

Once the device is purchased, connect the USB end to the laptop and the VGA end to the monitor. Once connected, the laptop screen can be viewed on the monitor.


Can I connect two monitors with this device

You can connect only one device. To make this work, you need to buy two of these connectors. You can use two connectors simulataneously on a laptop.

Which operating systems does this device support

The device supports Windows operating system.

What clarity does this device provide

The device supports resolutions up to 1920×1200 or 1080p video support. This produces crystal clear video.

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