A home network has to be setup with a switch for high speed internet connection. The home network also has some users in the basement for which connectivity is required. For this purpose a switch is required. The step by step solution is explained below.

Step 1

Purchase a wireless router. The wireless router is purchased for connecting to the internet. This is also used to provide wireless access to users on the home network. Our product recommendation for wireless router is mentioned at the end of the page.

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Step 2

Enable DHCP sever on the wireless router. The DHCP server would ensure that all devices on the network receives IP address dynamically on the network.

Step 3

The wireless router has an inbuilt switch. A port on the switch has to be connected to the switch in the basement using a network cable. The length of the network cable would depend on the distance between the wireless router and the switch.

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Step 4

Once the connectivity is done, connect the PC;s to the switch. Ensure that the PC’s are configured for “Obtain dynamic IP address” option in the TCP/IP setting. This would ensure that the PCs connected to the switch, receive IP address and are able to access the internet without any problems.

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The above steps would ensure that the home network is setup with a switch.

Our product recommendation for the type of switch is mentioned at the end of the page.

Basic troubleshooting tips

if you are unable to access internet after the above setup, use the following troubleshooting tips.

1. Ensure that the PCs connected to the switches have received IP address and parameters like default gateway, dns server IP address from the wireless router.

2. Ensure that the Wifi router has connected to the internet and wireless users have internet access.

3. Check the cabling between the wifi router and switch.

4. Check if the DHCP server on the wifi router is setup appropriately. The DHCP server has to be setup to provide default gateway and dns server IP address to be allocated to the all devices on the network configured to receive DHCP address.

Recommended products

The wireless router would depend on your requirement like size of the house, area to be covered, number of users and devices etc. The wireless router is recommended to have gigabit inbuilt ports as this would increase the speed of the link connected to the switch. The switch is also recommended to be a gigabit switch for optimal performance.

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