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This solution explains how you can setup a firewall for your home network. We understand two different ways by which you can set this up.

Firewall for home network

Firewalls are available as software and hardware firewalls. Software firewalls are your internet security software which is installed on the devices like PC’s and mobile devices on your network.

Hardware firewalls are inbuilt in your router. Not all routers have firewalls inbuilt in them. The security feature is an add on service which is available in the router.

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How to setup a software firewall on home network

Internet security software is has inbuilt firewall features along with the protection from other cyber security threats like malware , ransomware, phishing etc.

These software should be installed on your PC’s and mobile devices which are connected to your home network. The following are some internet security software.

Best home firewall software

The following are the list of the best home firewall software which can be used to secure your home network.

1. Norton 360 Premium, , Antivirus software

2. NordVPN Standard – 18-Month VPN & Cybersecurity Software Subscription

3. K7 Ultimate Security Infiniti Antivirus for Lifetime Validity

Software firewalls have different versions based on the type of devices like laptops, computers and mobile devices.

How to setup a hardware firewall on home network

Hardware firewalls is your router which has advanced security capabilies. You can check the model number of your router and specification to undertand if your router supports it.

Home hardware firewalls

Netgear and Asus are two leading vendors which has security protection inbuilt in the respective routers.

Netgear has the netgear armor feature which is the cyber security proetction subscription service from the organization. The following are the top cyber security features which are included with netgear router with armor feature.

1. Network vulnerability assessment: This feature scans and reports security issues on your home network and provides a report on the same.

2. End-point device protection: This features protects your end point devices like PC, laptop, mobile etc which are availabe on your network.

3, Device detection and management: This features allows to block and manage devices which are on your network. There could be instances where you need to block unuathorized devices where this feature is useful.

4. Protection level: This feature ranks the security level of the home network. The ranking is provided with a range from 0-100 and the issues related are also displayed.

5. Types of Threats blocked:

These routers are capable of blocking malware like viruses, spyware, ransomware, malicious links etc.

6. Anti-theft Protection

This feature is available for Android, PC, and Mac only. It allows you to locate your stolen devices and even remotely wipe the data of your devices to avoid any misuse.

7. Instant Alerts: This feature provides you with instant alert notification whenever a threat is detected on the network.

8. Web protection: This feature blocks access to malicious and phishing websites.

The following are some routers from netgear which has the armor security subscription service.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 Smart Wi-Fi Router (R8000)

NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (RBK753S) – with 1-Year NETGEAR Armor Internet Security


Software and hardware firewalls complement each other. For example, if your home network has IOT devices, you would need to setup a hardware firewall since software firewalls cannot be installed on them.

It is always recomemnded that you have a combination of both software and hardware firewall for the best security protection.