Yes. Your wireless printer can be connected to two or more computers. Let us understand this with an example.

Assume that you have three computers on the network which have wifi enabled. The wireless printer has wifi enabled and is identified on the network using a unique IP address and a name.

To connect to the wifi printer, you need to configure the printer on the respective computer. This is an automated process where you select and add the printer from the printers and devices section in the operating system.

Every computer on the network, which has wifi enabled can then print to the wireless printer. The connectivity between the computers and the printer is using wifi.

All the devices on the network is connected to the wifi router and is part of the same wifi network.


What happens when two computers simultaneously connect to the printer

The printer will then queue the job on a priority basis and print.

How many devices can connect to the wireless printer

This would be dependent on the the specificaton of the wireless printer. You would need to check the specification details to identify this information.

Should there be internet for printing

You do not need internet for printing. Printing is performed on the local network and does not need internet.

Should an IP address be configured on the computers for printing

Yes. You need to have an IP address configured for the computers to print. All the devices should be on the same network.

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