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Yes. Your home router has a public IP address. This is the IP address which your Internet service provider allocates for your home and associated router.

Your router has two interfaces, which is the WAN interface and the LAN interface. The WAN interface is where the ISP terminates your internet connection. This is the interface on which the home router is configured with public IP address.

The LAN interface is where the private IP address of your internal network is configured. This is allocated by you.
For example, the common IP address which is allocated for the LAN interface is, 10.0.0./8 etc.

The following are some common FAQ related to public IP address on the home router.


What is the public IP address of my router

To find out the public IP address of your router, you need to log into the web interface of the router and check the IP address of the wan interface of the router. This would provide the information related to public IP address of router.

Is 192.168 IP address private or public

This is a private IP address. The IP address is allocated by IANA to be used for local and private networks.

Can I change my public IP address

No. You do not have the authority to change the public IP address. Only your ISP can change it. You can only change the private IP address.

Does every device on my network need to have a public IP address

No. Only your router need to have public IP address. The public IP address which is available on the router is shared using NAT technology on the router. Devices on the network would only have private IP address.

Router with firewall recommendation for your home

Upgrade your home router with inbuilt firewall. In todays world, your home network is exposed to various types of security threats. With the number of devices on a a home network increasing on a daily basis, your chances of getting hacked is extremely high.

Below are two products which we recommend if your router does not have inbuilt firewall.

TP-Link AX6000 WiFi 6 Router(Archer AX6000)

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S Smart Wi-Fi Router (R8000P)