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This article compares powerline adapters with 2 different solutions to understand how beneficial they are for gaming. We compare powerline adapters with wireless access points and wifi extenders.

Let us assume that there is a room on the first floor of home where gaming systems are maintained. The main router is installed on the ground floor.

It is required to extend the wifi signal of the wireless router to the room on the first floor.

Powerline adapters vs wifi extenders for gaming in the room

Wifi extenders extend the wifi signal from the wireless router using the wireless link. In this case, there is high probability that the wifi signal strength from the wireless router will be weak when it reaches the top floor.

As opposed to wifi extenders, powerline adapters use the underlying power cable for communication. This would be a better choice as compared with wifi extenders, as the signal strength would be significantly higher.

Gaming requries good wifi signal strength. So in this case powerline adapters would be a better choice.

Powerline adapters vs wireless access point for gaming in the room

Let us assume that wireless access point is used in the room for extending wifi signal strength. Access points are connected to the main router using network cables as opposed to powerline adapters which use the powerline.

In this case, access points would be a better choice since the performance over ethernet cables would be better as compared with powerline cables.


The choice of powerline adapters for gaming would be dependent on the alternative solution you would be using. When compared with wifi extenders, powerline adapters would be a better choice. But access points would be a better choice over wifi extenders and powerline adapters.

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