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If you are planning to setup a gaming network, then definitely you would need a gaming router inspite of using ethernet. It is a well known fact that ethernet provides better performance than wifi.

But an ethernet connection on a normal router would not be able to provide the performance that a gaming router provides.

It is well known that gaming needs high bandwidth for the best performance. There are now high performing gaming routers which are built specifically for gaming.

The following explains the benefit of using a gaming router over ethernet on a normal router.

High processing power

Gaming needs high processing capability for the best performance. Using ethernet connection will increase the network speed, but not the processing power. If your router does not have high processing capability, it may not be possible to provide the best performance.

The ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router (GT-AX11000) is a gaming router which provides 1.8 GigaHertz Quad Core cpu and 2.5 G gaming port for the best performance.

Traffic prioritization

A normal router may not have traffic prioritization capability. This is mandatory for a gaming infrastructure. This functionality is available in gaming routers.

The ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router (GT-AX11000) has triple level game acceleration with device, game packet and server prioritization.

Device prioritization

Assume that you have setup a server on the ethernet network on your normal router. In gaming, the traffic to the server shoud be prioritized for the best performance. This is irrespective of whether you are using ethernet or wifi.

Device based prioritization is an advanced feature which is usually not available on normal routers.

The ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router (GT-AX11000) has support for device bandwidth utilization and usage prioritization.


Using an ethernet connection with a normal router will not be able to provide you with the best performing gaming network since the features mentioned above would be missing in a basic router.

For the best gaming infrastructure you would need a gaming router. The ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router (GT-AX11000) is a good choice.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the following are also supported by the router.

1. Triband support
2. 802.11ax and 802.11ac Wifi standards
3. Ability to setup own gaming mesh network.
4. Advanced security with AI protection pro.
5. Works in 5 Ghz range

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