This article explains the top 7 benefits of mesh routers and how it can improve the wifi performance for your home network. It also recommends the mesh routers based on the size of your home.

1. Wifi area coverage increase

The first benefit of mesh routers is that the wifi area covered in your home network is significantly increased. Although there are wifi routers which provide long range coverage , they may not be able to provide the coverage that mesh routers provide since mesh is a collection of routers.

You can get mesh routers based on the area of coverage needed and add on based on requirements.

2. Wifi dead zone eliminated

The second benefit of mesh router is elimination of Wifi dead zones. Wifi dead zone is an area where there is no wifi. In a typical home network with a single router, there would be locations where there is no wifi. This typically happens when the area of your home is larger than the area which the home router can cover.

By using mesh routers, this is eliminated completely.

3. Wifi roaming issues resolved

The third benefit of mesh routers is that the wifi roaming issue is recolved. Let us assume a scenario where in a home network there is a wifi router in the main room and a wifi extender which is setup and installed in one of the other rooms.

Every time you move across the rooms, the wifi connection will disconnect and then reconnect to the required device.

In a mesh setup, this is no loss of connection since the wifi roaming is seamless. The wifi client (mobile , laptop) would automatically connect to the best available mesh router in the specific location.

4. Wifi load distribution

The fourth benefit of mesh routers is efficient wifi load distribution and network segregation. In a mesh environment, each wifi client would connect to the router which provides the best wifi signal. This distributes the wifi load evenly.

In a single router environment, the entire load is handled by one router. This can degrade the performance of the wifi network significantly.

5. Easy setup with mobile app

The fifth benefit of mesh router is ease of setup. Mesh routers comes with inbuilt app. It is very easy to configure and setup mesh routers using the mobile app. You do not need to manually configure and setup each routers.

6. Security & monitoring

The sixth benefit of mesh router is inbuilt security. For example netgear mesh router comes with armor security subscription service and Asus mesh router comes with Ai protection pro subscription service.

Mesh routers also comes with inbuilt parental control in the app. This makes it easy to manage the users on the network. For example, you can set time limit for internet access and also block internet during a certain time.

7. Simplified network expansion

The seventh benefit of mesh router is simplified network expansion or ease of scalability. Let us take an example where you need to expand wifi in your home network.

You have a single router. The options you have is to purchase a wifi extender or powerline adapter for extending your wifi network. You need to then integrate these devices with your existing network.

With a mesh system, you just need to purchase an additional unit. The configuration can be performed with ease with the inbuilt app. By using a mesh system, you can scale your network with ease.

Mesh router recommendation for various size

Mesh router for 5000 sqft home – Netgear Orbi

Mesh router for 4000 SQFT – Google Wifi – AC1200

Mesh router for 7500 sqft – TP-Link Deco AXE5400 Tri-Band