Wireless routers comes with USB ports. The USB ports on the router can be used for sharing your USB drives on the network. This helps to share the files and documents which are on the USB drive. All users on the network can have access to the USB port.

A linksys router with USB ports is shown below.

wireless router with USB port

Home Network

Tom is a home user who has a USB drive. He has a wireless router at home without USB port. The files on the USB drive are accessed by Tom and his wife. Currently each of them connects the USB drive to his / her laptop whenever required. This has become a tedious task. Purchasing a wireless router with USB feature can be the ideal solution. The USB drive can then be plugged into the USB port on the wireless router, following which Tom and his wife can access the USB drive without having to manually plugin the same to their individual laptops.

Small office network

There are 10 users in a small office network. The network does not have a server or a network attached storage device where files can be shared on a network. Buying a wireless router with single or dual USB ports can be the ideal solution. USB drives can be purchased and connected to the USB ports on the router which can be shared and used for performing backups of data on the network.