This article understands how to increase the network speed in office. Typically , the LAN network of an organization would be running on a fast Ethernet network, which means that a PC which is connected to a switch port on the network would effectively have a speed of 100 Mbps (Kindly verify the same on your network). In case the network has a server, it would also be connected to the switch port which has an effective speed of 100 Mbps. The ideal method would be to upgrade the switches to gigabit switches. On Gigabit switches, each port has the capacity to deliver 1000 Mbps speed. This implies that the PC’s / Users on your network would effectively have a speed of 1000 Mbps as well as the server. This is a 10 fold jump on the existing speed of the network. Gigabit switches comes in different configurations like 5 port, 8 port, 16 port , 24 port , 48 port. Based on the number of users on the network and additional components, switches with appropriate ports can be selected. Check out Gigabit switches here

How to increase your network speed in office

Note: Ensure that the devices which would be connecting to the gigabit switches has network cards which supports gigabit speeds. In case they don’t , the effective speed would be 100 Mpbs, in which case, the cards can be upgraded to gigabit network interface cards.