This article understands and explains the use of wireless router with VPN Server

What is wireless router with VPN server

Wireless router with vpn server

Wireless routers with VPN has VPN server inbuilt in it. This feature on the router allows remote users to either connect remotely to the router, establish connectivity and access the internal resources or have a site to site connectivity over the internet, where office 1 can be linked to office 2 using VPN.

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Scenario 1 – Remote user connectivity

In this topology, the wireless router with VPN is installed and setup in an office. The router is configured for internet access and VPN. The router is also a VPN server for remote office users who wishes to connect and gain access to the internal resources of the office. Remote users would then connect using appropriate VPN software to the VPN router and gain access to the internal resources.

Scenario 2 – Site to Site connectivity

In this topology two offices are connected using VPN. The VPN routers are installed and configured at both locations and a VPN tunnel established between the two locations. In this topology, there is no need for the users to connect via additional VPN client software as the connectivity is already established between the routers.

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