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Yes, Ethernet cables can be run outside. But not all ethernet cables can be used outside. There are specific type of ethernet cables which is known as Outdoor ethernet cables.

how to protect and run ethernet cable outside

The following are the top features of outdoor ethernet cables which provides protection in an outside environment.

Resistance to harsh weather conditions

Outdoor Ethernet cables have jackets that protect the internal wiring from environmental factors and harsh weather conditions like moisture, rain, UV radiation.

For example, the GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable has a UV protection jacket on it.


: Outdoor ethernet cables should be waterproof as they are prone to be exposed to water. The GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable is waterproof and protects the internal wiring when exposed to water.

Direct Burial

Outdoor ethernet cables supports direct burial feature. These cables can be buried directly without the use of any enclosures for protecting the underlying wires.

The GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable supports the direct burial feature and can be buried directly.

Outdoor ethernet cable FAQ

The following are some FAQ’s on outdoor ethernet cable

Do you need special ethernet cable to be run outside

Yes. As explained above, you need an outdoor ethernet cable for outside. You can check for different types of outdoor ethernet cables on Amazon here – Outdoor ethernet cables

Are outdoor Ethernet cables waterproof

Yes. They are waterproof. Outdoor ethernet cables need to be waterproof as they would be exposed to water at any point of time. This feature can also be checked in the specification of the cable.

Can I bury outdoor Ethernet cables underground

Yes. You can bury outdoor ethernet cables underground. Outdoor ethernet cables have the direct burial support. This makes it possible to bury the cables directly without any additional enclosures.

Do outdoor Ethernet cables have UV protection

Outdoor ethernet cables have UV protection feature inbuilt on them. This feature can also be checked in the specification of the cable.

Does outdoor ethernet cables support POE devices

Yes. These cables support POE devices. This can also be verified in the specifications of the cable. For example, the Cat 6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable 100 ft, Adoreen is an example of an outdoor ethernet cable which supports POE.

What are the top features of an outdoor ethernet cable which differentiates it from indoor ethernet cable

Outdoor ethernet cables are UV resistant, water proof and have direct burial support. These features are not available on indoor ethernet cables as they are not designed to work outdoors.