The article understands how to fix Wifi connected but no internet problem.


Step 1 – Check the IP address on the device which is connected (Laptop or Phone). The IP address should be on the same range as that provided by the wireless router. For example, if the router is assigned to provide IP address in the range, the device should also be on the same network. Also check if the device has been configured for static IP address. This could also cause the device not to receive IP address from the wireless router.

Step 2 – Check the DNS Server IP address on the device. This should match the DNS IP address provided by the Wireless router. Also check the default gateway IP address on the device. This should typically match the IP address of the router.

Step 3

Perform the following test to check if it is a routing issue or DNS issue.

1. Ping the IP address of the router. A response should be received.

2. Ping a website on the internet. A screenshot is shown below.

Wifi connected but No Internet

If you are unable to see the IP address corresponding to the website which is, it indicates a DNS resolution problem. Check if the router is configured or has received the proper DNS IP address.

If the IP address is displayed and your are not receiving a ping response, it indicates a routing issue it could be a issue on the router or ISP. Contact your ISP.

The above steps would ensure that you can have a fix for the problem wifi connected but no internet.