This article understands how to share USB drive on network with appropriate components. USB over IP Devices are used for sharing USB drives on the network. The devices typically contains an ethernet port which is connected to the network. The device also contains provision for accommodating single or multiple USB drives. A step by step procedure for deploying the device on the network is described below.

How to share USB drive on network

Step 1

Purchase the USB over IP Device.

Step 2

Connect the LAN port of the device to any switch port on the network. Configure an IP address using static or DHCP settings available on the network.

Step 3

Connect the USB drives on the appropriate ports on the device.

Step 4

Connect to the device using appropriate software utility which typically comes along with devices.

The USB over IP devices allows a single or multiple USB drives to be shared on the network. Check out for best deals here USB over IP Devices