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This article understands how to setup a LAN network with router.
Identify the number of users on the network. This is required for identifying the switch.

Step 2


The type of switches recommended based on the number of users is shown below.

1-7 users – 8 port switch

7-22 users – 24 port switch

24-45 users – 48 port switch

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Step 3


Assuming that the network is basic and requires only internet access , a basic wireless router can be purchased. This would also ensure that users on the network can also access through the wireless network.

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Step 4

Once the products are purchased, setup the network as shown in the below diagram.

LAN network setup diagram with routerStep 1

Step 5

Setup the DHCP server on the router to assign IP address to users on the network. This would be dependent on the number of users on the network. The DHCP server can be configured to provide the required number of IP address. The typical IP address range which can be configured would be – (100 users), where is reserved for the router. The IP address range can be modified based on the required users on the available users on the network.

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Step 6

If the network has internet, the interface connected to the router should be configured with the appropriate parameters provided by the ISP.

Step 7

Check the systems on the network, if the IP address has been received. This can be done using the ipconfig command. Once confirmed, test the connectivity with the router using the ping command from the systems (ping The response would ensure that basic connectivity with the router is fine.

By following steps 1 – 7, a LAN network can be setup with a router.

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