This article explains how you can create a wifi network without a router. We understand how wireless access points can be used for this setup.

To setup the wifi network, a Wireless access point is required. A wireless access point is a device like a network switch, which provides wireless connectivity to users on the network. Follow the steps to setup the wifi network.

How to create a wifi network using Wireless access point

Step 1

Purchase the wireless access point based on need. Some of the questions you can ask before purchasing the access point would be ‘How many devices are there on the wifi network’, ‘What type of wireless devices are there on the network like 2.4 Ghz or 5GHz’.

If the number of devices on the wifi network that require wireless connectivity is 50, then you should buy an access point point which supports 50 users.

Also if there is a combination of 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz users on the network, then a dual band wireless access point which supports atleast 50 users should be purchased.

Step 2

Once the wireless access point is purchased, you need to setup the TCP/IP and wireless network parameters.

DHCP configuration

The access point would typically have a DHCP server inbuilt in it. The DHCP server is a service which enables you to configure the IP addresses which are to be provided to the clients on the network.

Configure the DHCP server to provide IP address to users on the network. For example if there are 20 users, configure DHCP to provide IP address starting from – The IP address would be reserved for the access point.

Wireless network parameters

Configure the wireless network name and security parameters on the Wireless access point. This would be the security key and the encryption protocol like WPA 2/ WPA 3.

Step 3

Once the access point is configured, the clients can connect to it. The above steps would ensure that a wifi network is created without a router.


1. Which access point should I buy

The type of access point would be dependent based on the number of users connecting to it and the Wifi clients like 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz. For example, if the number of users is 20 and a combination of 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz is present then you could search for Dual band access point for 20 users

2. I have an existing router. Will this setup work

Yes. You can setup the Wifi network on the wireless router. The same procedure outlined above can be followed to set it up.

3. I need internet access for my wifi network. What should I do.

In this case you need to use a wireless router. The router can be used for sharing internet to all users on the network.

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