Wireless routers with bandwidth control

Bandwidth control is a feature which is available on wireless routers used to control the bandwidth of users on the network. It is predominantly used in scenarios to control bandwidth usage by a single user or a specific number of users on the network. The following example understands where the feature can be used. In the below topology, there are 4 users on the network. The internet bandwidth is 10 Mbps. One of the users is downloading large files like mp3, movies etc. This would make the internet slow for the rest of the users. To avoid the situation, a router / wireless router with bandwidth control feature can be purchased. This feature can be configured to limit the allowed bandwidth based on the IP address of users on the network. Once the feature is configured, users downloading the files will be unable to perform excessive downloads as the allowed bandwidth limit would be used. This would also ensure that all the internet bandwidth is equally available to users on the network.