This article is a collection of wireless router FAQ. The questions are based on the working and functionality of wireless routers.

What is a wireless router

A wireless router is device which provides internet connectivity to users on a Home Network. The wireless router has two interfaces. Once interface connects to the ISP and the other interface or interfaces are used for the local network.

All users on the home network are associated with local interface or LAN interface which is then processed by the router and send to the internet.

How do I know the best type of wireless router which can be used for my home network

This would be dependent predominantly on the size of your house and its design. This article would help you better to understand the different types of wireless routers and which would best fit your requirement. wireless router types explained

Why do routers need IP address and how many IP address does router have

On a network, the IP address is the unique identitiy of a network device. The router typically has two IP address. The IP address which is provided by the ISP to the router is known as the public IP address.

This is unique to the router and cannot be changed. This IP address is the identity of the router on the internet.

The router also has private IP addresses. These IP address are reserved for users on the home network. These can be changed by logging into the web console of the router.

What is DHCP on Wireless router

DHCP , which stands for dynamic host configuration protocol is a service which is inbuilt on the router which provides IP address to users on the network automatically. When DHCP is enabled on a router, the users need not manually configure any IP address.

What is DNS and why is it needed on a router

DNS protocol provides name resolution. On the internet, you need to resolve the website name to IP address. This is done by DNS server. The router needs to be configured with the IP address of the DNS server so that it can forward the DNS requests from the users on the network to the appropriate DNS server and get the website name resolved.

What is NAT on wireless router

NAT which stands for network address translation is a feature which is available on the router which is used for sharing the internet for users on the network. A Wireless router would only have 1 public IP address. This IP address has to be shared among all the users on the internal network. This is done by NAT.

Why does a wireless router have ethernet ports

If you want to connect a wired device like a PC or the ethernet card of the laptop to the router, then you could use the ethernet ports. With this option, you can have a network of wired and wireless users on the network.

What is SSID on a wireless router

SSID, which stands for service set identifier, identifies the wireless network name for the users on the network. All users requiring connectivity would connect to the SSID name and gain access to the network.

Can an access point be used instead of a wireless router

Access points cannot be used instead of a router. The router has capabilities which enables it to connect to the internet and then allow the internal users to share the connection. The access point does not have these capabilities.

Access points are typically used when you want to extend the wifi network or setup a wifi network for local users and internet is not required.

Can wireless router track websites visited

Yes. Based on the type of wireless routers, you can track the websites visited. The application which comes along with the wifi router can provide a list of websites accessed over a period of time.

How many networks can you have with a single wireless router

This would be dependent on the type of wireless router. Routers are available as single , dual and triband routers.
You can have 1,2 and 3 networks setup respectively on these routers.

Can wireless router be used as access point

Yes. wireless router can be used as access point. When setup as an access point, the wireless router will not be used to connect to the internet rather it would be used for providing wireless network connectivity to users connecting to it.

Can wireless router be used as Wifi range extender

Yes, wireless routers can work as range extenders. They can work in repeater mode, where they can be connected to another wireless router to boost the signal.

Do wireless routers have ethernet ports

Wireless routers have ethernet ports. These ports are used to provide wired connectivity to users on the network. Wired users could be your desktop or laptop with ethernet cards.

Can wireless routers go through walls.

Wireless router signals can penetrate walls. Again this would be dependent on the type of wireless router.

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