If you need to buy a wifi router for large home, mesh routers are recommended. The benefits of mesh routers and the disadvantages when you are using a basic wifi router is explained below.

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Basic router disadvantage

In a large home environment, normal wifi routers would not be sufficient. Irrespective of a high range antenna, the signal would weaken when it crosses walls , basement areas and locations far away from the router, You would also find frequent wireless dead zones which are typically areas where wifi signals are not available.

An option is to use extenders to increase the wifi signal. Though this would prove useful to some extent , you would observe frequent drops in the speed and signal quality. An extender would just repeat the signal from the main router. In a large home you would need to increase the number of extenders to accommodate wifi in all areas. This would increase the burden to manage the entire wifi network as each extender would need to configured with a unique name for identification.

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Mesh router benefit

A mesh router is a combination of routers which comes in a single box. Mesh routers connect to each other and forms one single wifi area which is identified by the same name as opposed to an extender network. The coverage and quality of wifi provided by mesh routers are significantly higher as compared with extenders. For example , google mesh routers comes in pack of 2,3 4 etc. Each router has the capability to provide range of 2200 sqft. So for a large home which is 6000 sqft, you can look to purchase the 3 pack option. If the area to be covered is larger, additional mesh routers of the same vendor purchased. A mesh system is easy to manage and also provides advanced features like parental control where you can control each device connected to the mesh network using the app.

It is always recommended that you purchase a mesh router for a large home or if you have a large area to be covered. The google mesh router is recommended and you can purchase it from Amazon here – Buy Mesh Routers – Click Here