This post reviews wifi 6 routers and explains why you should buy or upgrade your existing router. The wifi 6 router review focus predominantly on 5 different criterion.

wifi 6 router review

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1. Speed

Wifi 6 supports a speed of 9.6 Gbps, distributed across 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz radios in it. The exact speed would depend on the model of the routers. Currently these routers are the fastest in the Wifi space, a significant improvement of what was offered in the previous 802.11 ac standard.

2. More number of connected devices

Wifi 6 routers are ideal in an environment where there are a large number of connected devices. A scenario would be smart home setup with large number of connected devices. When a traditional router is used, the performance is degraded when the number of connected devices increase. A wifi 6 router increases the performance significantly. They are able to serve multiple devices at a time.

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3. Interference reduced from surrounding environment

Wifi routers supports a feature called BSS coloring. This helps the routers to understand if a wifi signal is originating from the existing infrastructure or from a different network. A typical scenario would be a neighbors routers signal which is interfering with your home router. With traditional routers , this would create noise and interference. BSS coloring feature, which is available in Wifi 6 routers help to discard the signal from the neighboring router. This helps to reduce interference significantly and thereby providing better performance.

4. Reduced power consumption for connected clients

With previous wifi standards, the clients connected to the router would always be in transmitting state indicating that they are ready to send or receive data at any time based on the availability of the router. This would mean more power consumption on the wifi clients like smart phones, laptops, smart tvs etc. With wifi 6 technology, the connected clients are not always in transmitting state. They alternate between transmitting and sleep state. When the router is not transmitting to a specific client, the clients would go in the sleep state. This would reduce power consumption which results in more battery time.

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5. Bandwidth and Data transmission

Wifi 6 routers provide significant improvement in bandwidth and data transmission as compared with previous standards. In the earlier wifi technology, data is transmitted one packet at a time from the router to the respective client. With Wifi 6, it can now send multiple packets to different clients making it faster. Wifi 5 allows communication with 4 devices at a time. This has now doubled to 8 devices at a time with wifi 6, providing a bigger and larger bandwidth to the network.


If you are planning to add more devices to your home network, then a wifi 6 router is highly recommended. It is also recommended , if you are experiencing poor performance in your existing network and need better performance and less interference from devices which is not within your network scope.

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