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The range of a wireless access point would depend on the model of the access point. But in a practical environment the parameters which also affect the range of an access point include frequency band , transmit power and antenna. The 2.4 ghz Wifi frequency band would have a better range when compared with 5 Ghz.

In addition, external factors like physical obstructions and interference from other wifi devices also affects the range of a wireless access point.

Every vendor would provide the range of the wireless access point in its specification. You need to purchase the access point based on your area requirement.

The following section explains with examples, 3 wireless access points with the range 1800 sft, 2500 sqft and 3500 sqft.

Wireless access point with 1800 sqft range

The NETGEAR Wireless Desktop Access Point (WAX206) is a wireless desktop access point which provides a coverage of 1800 sqft range.

It is a Wifi 6 Dual-Band router with MU-MIMO technology. The number of clients or users which can be connected to the access point is 128.

Wireless access point with 2500 sqft range

The NETGEAR Cloud Managed Wireless Access Point (WAX610PA) is a cloud managed wireless access point which supports 2500 Sft. It is a dual band access point which supports the 802.11ax standard The access point is recommended for home networks.

Being cloud managed, manageability of the access points becomes easier.

Wireless access point with 3500 sqft range

The NETGEAR Cloud Managed Wireless Access Point (WAX630PA) supports a maximum of 600 client devices and a coverage of 3,500 sq.ft.

It supports the 802.11ax standard and supports triband.


It can be inferred that irrespective of the range which is specified by the vendor, the actual range may vary based on various parameters as stated above. The wireless access points have to be purchased based on the coverage area you need.

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Did You Know

Did you know that there are Outdoor access points. These access points are typically installed outdoors and used to provide coverage to outdoor area like garden, swimming pool area, backyard etc.

The TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor is an example of outdoor access point. The device is weatherproof and has an enclosure which protects the access point against extreme outdoor conditions

It provides wireless coverage up to 200m at 2.4GHz and 300m at 5GHz