What is a triband router

A triband router works in three frequency range. It uses one 2.4 Ghz band and dual 5 Ghz bands. Although speeds on different bands can vary based on the router type, a typical triband router can support 600 Mpbs on the 2.4 Ghz band and 1300 Mpbs each on the 5 Ghz band.

How is it different from dual band routers

A triband router supports three frequency range whereas a dual band router supports 2 frequency range.

Are triband routers faster than other routers

Triband routers work in three bands. Each bands has dedicated speeds. For example, a triband router can provide 600 Mbps(2.4 Ghz) + 1300 Mpbs(5 Ghz) + 1300 Mpbs (5 Ghz) which amounts to a total speed of 3200 Mpbs. But it should be observed that, this is not the speed which you would get when you are connected to the router.

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You can connect only to a specific radio or band and you would be allocated the speed of that particular band and based on the number of devices connected to it. So for example, there are 10 users connected to the 5 Ghz frequency band, then you would get a theoretical speed of 1300/10 = 130 Mpbs.

Can you explain the functionality of triband router with an analogy

Consider a triband router as a road which has three lanes, one fast lane and two super fast lanes. The lanes are separated from each other and a car travelling on a respective lane cannot jump into another lane. This significantly improves congestion since each car is dedicated to its respective lane.

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What is the benefit of buying a triband router for my home

Assuming that your home network has a couple of smart devices, your children accessing internet for gaming and online classes, and you would not want to be in a congested environment with all of these. In this situation , you can chose a triband router and segregate the three bands to associate with your smart devices, children devices and your devices respectively. In this way, the network would not be congested and each of the devices would benefit from sufficient speed and performance.

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