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The biggest problem which is faced by apartment users is that the internet connection does not stay online or shuts down during a power outage.

The possible scenario encountered during a power outage and how CUZOR UPS FOR WIFI ROUTERS can help you solve the problem is explained below.

CUZOR UPS is a UPS for wifi routers. The UPS is connected to your Wifi router. This would ensure that in the event of a power failure, the router would stay powered and keep you online and connected with the internet.

Power outage in apartments

In apartments with power backups, there would be a small delay when the power failure happens and the time it takes for the generator backup to come online. During the time , the wifi router switches off and comes back online and the internet gets disconnected.

Although the internet comes back online, existing connections are dropped. The impact of this is felt when you have online meetings. The meeting gets disconnected and you would need to wait till the internet comes back to get back online and initiate a new meeting request.

When CUZOR UPS is connected to the router, it stays powered in the event of a power failure and does not need to wait for the apartment backup, thus solving the problem of internet disconnects.


1. Which brand of routers are supported by CUZOR

CUZOR UPS is supported by almost all top brands like TP-LINK, Cisco, DLINK, Tenda etc.

2. What is the typical backup time

The backup time is 3-5 hrs.

3. Would there be a lag during switching from power to battery.

No. Cuzor uses Zero lag switching technology which enable seamless transition from power to battery.

3. Should I replace the UPS if the battery life is over.

No. The battery can be replaced. The company provides additional battery at a nominal cost.

4. What is the price of the device

It comes to around Rs 1500 . Details can be viewed here. CUZOR UPS for Wifi routers

5. Where is the device manufactured

The device is manufactured in Bengaluru, India.

6. What other devices can I power with CUZOR UPS

You can power security cameras and video door bells.

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