The ring indoor camera reviewed. This post reviews the 5 best features of the ring indoor camera and answers the common FAQ’s by customers.

1. Video

The camera supports 1080 High Definition (HD) video with live video support. All activities on the camera can be viewed live. But to store videos and view it at a later time, you would need to avail a premium service which is cheap and starts from $3 a month. The ring indoor camera has night vision support which would allow you to see the videos in night vision mode, which we believe is good feature considering the price of the product which is around $59 for a single unit.

2. Motion Detection

The camera supports motion detection. As and when an activity is detected, a notification is sent to the camera app. In addition, the ring indoor camera also supports a feature known as people only notification. This feature would send you notification only when people are detected in the vicinity of the camera. This is a fantastic feature as it would avoid all other trivial activities which creates false alarms. The camera also supports a feature known as rich notification. This feature, would send you an image in the notification which would show what caused the camera to notify.

3. Audio

Two way communication is possible using the camera. This means that people on both sides can talk to each other using the audio functionality available on the camera.

4. Connectivity

The camera supports 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity and supports the 802.11 b/g/n band. This can be a slight drawback as it does not support the 5Ghz band. So in a crowded environment , it would be prone to more interference.

5. Alexa

The camera has support for Alexa and can be controlled by the same.

Customer FAQ

1. What is the length of the power cable

It is 6.5 Ft

2. What does the packet contain.

Indoor Cam
Indoor power cable (6.5 ft.) and adapter
Screws and Wall Anchors
User Manual
Security Sticker

3. What is the warranty

1 year on parts, lifetime purchase protection

4. Does it work in all countries

It works in all countries as it supports the free 2.4 Ghz radio.

5. Does it record sound along with video


6. Does it send notification

Yes it sends notification. It has a rich and people notification feature , the details of which are highlighted in the above section.

7. Does it have a memory card to record and save videos

No. it does not have memory card. Additional service has to be subscribed for saving videos.

8. Can rotation be controlled using the app ?

No. it has to be done manually.

9. Does it supports 5 GHz radio.

No it supports only 2.4 ghz.