OKYO GARDE by Palo Alto is a wireless router which has inbuilt cyber security protection in it. This state of the art wifi router is recommended for Home, small business and enterprise networks. This article reviews OKYO GARDE by providing answers to common buyer questions.

How different is OKYO GARDE from my router at home

A basic router at home does not have cyber protection inbuilt in it. This makes end points like smart TVs, cameras, laptops, etc vulnerable to cyber attacks. In today’s world, the networks at home are growing at a rapid pace. It is extremely important that your network is protected from possible attacks.

I have antivirus installed on my systems at home. What additional benefit would I have with OKYO GARDE wifi router

The antivirus systems can only protect the underlying system. It cannot protect cameras, smart tvs, etc. OKYO GARDE provides network layer protection. This would block the attack at the network level and would disallow malicious traffic to enter and access resources on the network. The router blocks the top three cyber attacks which are phishing, ransomware and remote attacks.

How does OKYO GARDE implement Cyber Security

OKYO GARDE integrates with Prisma access, which is a cloud based security solution by Palo Alto. This is a subscription based service which is billed on a yearly basis. There are three types of subscription services which are essential, plus and pro. Essential supports 30 users, plus supports 100 users and pro supports unlimited users. The pricing details can be viewed here – OKYO GARDE SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS

Does the router provide notification if unauthorized users access my network

The router app supports device notification. Whenever a new device connects to your network, the app notifies the event with the details of the connected device.

Can I know what devices are infected on my network if I use OKYO GARDE

Yes. The app associated with the router displays the list of devices on the network and the infected units.

Can OKYO GARDE protect my cameras from being hacked

Yes. The router protects cameras from being hacked as it blocks all malicious attempts on the network.

What is the wifi specification of the router

The router is a WiFi 6 mesh router which supports 6000 Mbps. It supports 1200 Mbps and 2400 Mbps respectively on the 2.4 and 5 GHz radios. It also supports an additional 5 GHz radio at 2400 Mbps for connecting to other mesh nodes and supports an area of 3000 sq ft.

Does the router support parental control

Yes. The router has user and parental control inbuilt in the app. Content filtering features like blocking ads, website restriction, safe search, and category based content access is included.

Can I get a reporting of activities on the network

The app displays all the activities on the network with detailed insights into each devices on the network.

How can I buy this product

The details can be checked out here – OKYO GARDE PRICING

Our Opinion

The router would be an ideal choice for your home network, since it protects all devices inside the network and you get a clear insight with detailed reporting.

Also, if you are a small business owner with employees working from home, the Prisma access solution can be integrated where security can be managed under one roof.

In today’s world, networks at homes are exploding and so are the devices connected to it. This makes devices and systems vulnerable to Cyber threats. OKYO GARDE would help prevent cyber attacks on your network and make it more secure.

So if you are planning to setup your home network or upgrade, OKYO GARDE would be a good choice.

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