We have selected the Gryphon Router as the best mesh router with parental control.

The Gryphon Router has excellent parental control features which helps to control internet access at home or office.

Some of the features of parental control on the router include providing a history of web browsing, setting internet time, providing total internet control, age based access control. In addition, the router has advanced security features for malware protection.

The Gryphon Router can be purchased from Amazon here – Gryphon Router

gryphon router parental controls

The following are the details of the parental control features which are available on the gryphon router.

Web browsing history

Take a scenario where you want to know the details of the websites your kid at home or employees at office has accessed on a specific day. The Gryphon Parental Control Router provides you with this detailed data on its app along with the details of the websites accessed.

The gryphon router parental controls gives you an insight as to which device accessed the website.

The screenshot on the app is shown below.

Set internet time

The biggest problem on a network is to control internet. The gryphon router parental controls would help you to restrict internet access to a specific time. Time limit for internet access for a specific day can be set using the app.

Once set, the internet time for users on the network can be controlled with ease from the mobile app. This feature is very useful in a home network, where you need to control internet access for kids.

The screenshot on the app is shown below.

Total internet control

The Gryphon Parental Control Router allows you have total control of the internet. With a single click from the app, you would be able to shutdown internet.

The gryphon router parental controls is useful in a scenario where your network has been infected with malware and you need to block access to internet to your network immediately.

The screenshot on the app is shown below.

Age based content control

Millions of web sites across the internet is now infected with malware or are setup for phishing and other web attacks against internet users. Around 1.2 million blocked websites are stored locally on the router

The gryphon router parental controls provides a good protection against insecure websites. Internet access can also be be configured based on age group categories like middle school, high school etc.

The screenshot on the app is shown below.

Enhanced internet and data usage

The Gryphon Router app gives you a total insight of the categories of websites accessed including the data usage individually and consolidated.

The following are the other good features of the Gryphon Router.

It is a triband mesh router which supports an area of 3000 sqft and can be purchased in packs of 1,2,3.

The Gryphon Router comes with inbuilt security protection. The security is free for the 1st year and comes with a subscription plan for the consecutive year billed at $89 per year.

With advanced malware protection, the router would be a good buy if you are looking to purchase a mesh router with parental control for your home or office.


1. I want to segregate my network into home and office on my home network where all the home devices are on a different wifi network from the office devices. Would parental control feature work with this setup.

Yes. The router is a triband router. You can set up two wifi networks on each of the wifi band and use the parental control feature available on the app.

2. My kid at home is perpetually using the internet. Can I set internet access time.

Yes. This is absolutely possible. Time based internet access restriction can be setup using the app.

3. I suspect that one of the employee in my office is misusing the internet for personal cause. Can I know the list of websites accessed by the specific employee.

The list of websites visited by a specific user is listed on the app. It shows the web browsing history for a specific device on the network. By knowing the details of the device of the employee, the websites accessed can be viewed.

The router can be purchased from Amazon here Gryphon Parental Control Router

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