What should you do if your laptop does not have an ethernet port and you need to connect to Wifi or LAN network using ethernet ?

Certain laptops do not have inbuilt ethernet ports in them. They only have Wifi cards inbuilt. In order to connect to internet you would need to use the Wifi card on the laptop.

This limitation could pose a problem when you require the laptop to connect to a switch for LAN or internet access. To solve this problem a USB TO ETHERNET adapter can be purchased.

A USB to ethernet adapter converts the USB port on your laptop to ethernet port. One end of the adapter connects to the USB port and the other end is an ethernet port. A Straight through cable can then be used to connect the network port on the adapter to a switch.

The USB TO ETHERNET adapter is an inexpensive accessory which solves the problem of unavailability of ethernet adapter on a laptop or any other device.

How to install and use the adapter on a laptop

The USB TO ETHERNET adapter supports common operating systems. The details of the operating systems which the adapter supports can be found in the specification section of the adapter.

The device drivers for the adapters need not be installed additionally as it is performed automatically when the device is plugged into the the USB port.

Once the network port of the adapter is connected to the switch, the USB port becomes a network adapter. An IP address needs to be configured on it either manually or dynamically if you have a dhcp server on the network.

Note that the IP address configuration is mandatory without which the device would be useless.

Once the device is connected and configured properly, you would be part of the network and should be able to access internet and other devices on the network.


1. How can I purchase this product

You can purchase it from Amazon here USB TO ETHERNET adapter

2. I am connected to Wifi using the inbuilt Wifi card. Can I use this product simultaneously to connect to an ethernet switch.

Yes. It is absolutely possible. Two adapters can work simultaneously. There would not be any hindrances in using both the adapters.

3. I installed and connected this product But I am unable to access internet.

Ensure that the device driver is installed properly and the TCP/IP address is setup and configured properly. Verify parameters like default gateway, dns server IP address and if these are properly updated on the device.

4. The network card on one of my desktops have become faulty. Can I use this adapter.

Yes. You can use this adapter on any device which contains a USB port and which needs to be converted into a network card.

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