How to VPN into Home network

This article explains how to vpn into home network.

Solution 1 – Purchase a Wireless router with VPN Server.

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Step 1

Purchase a wireless router with VPN Server. These routers have inbuilt VPN servers in it. This would ensure VPN connectivity between remote client and users.


Step 2

Set up the network as shown in the above diagram. The router is connected to the internet and the systems on the home network are connected to the LAN interface of the router.

Step 3

Configure the VPN server on the router and assign appropriate IP address to be provided to the users who remotely connect using VPN.

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Step 4.

The remote users requiring VPN connectivity would need to connect to the public IP address of the router, which would also be the VPN server gateway.

Solution 2

The port forwarding feature on the router can be leveraged for establishing a VPN into the home network.

Step 1

Enable port forwarding feature with the associated port number for PPTP or L2TP VPN. Provide the IP address of the Home network system along with the port numbers on the router.

Step 2

The remote PC would connect to the public IP address of the router using L2TP or PPTP VPN. When the requests reaches the router, it is forwarded to the internal system.

The above mentioned steps can be followed to successfully VPN into home network