There are two ways by which you can share a montior and a keyboard between two computers. The two methods are explained below.

How to Share a Monitor and Keyboard Between Two Computers using a KVM Switch

A KVM switch , which stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse switch is a device which is used for sharing multiple USB / HDMI devices. Based on your requirement you can purchase the KVM switch.

For example, the KVM Switch HDMI 2 Port Box will be a good choice for sharing the keyboard and monitor. The device has a total of 4 ports ( 2 USB and 2 HDMI).

The device also supports HDMI. This would be useful in situations when the monitor to be connected is HDMI.

How to connect the monitor and keyboard cables to the KVM switch

The following steps are to be followed to connect to the KVM switch.

1. Connect the keyboard and the monitor to the ports on the KVM switch. Based on the type of the monitor , you can use the HDMI or USB port.

2. A mouse can also be connected to the USB port on the KVM switch.

3. The KVM switch has a built in button which is used to switch between the computers as and when required.

How to Share a Monitor and Keyboard Between Two Computers using remote software

Another method is used a remote desktop software. Windows has remote desktop software inbuilt in it. There are also third party softwares like Team viewer and VNC which can be used instead for Windows remote desktop software.


1. Can I use a kvm switch for just keyboard and mouse

Yes. A KVM switch can be used for sharing just keyboard and mouse.

Can you use a kvm switch with a laptop

A kvm switch is used for sharing keyboard , mouse and monitor. So irrespective of whether the device is a PC or a laptop, a KVM switch will work fine.

Do KVM switches have ethernet ports

Yes. There are KVM switches with ethernet ports. For example, the KVM switch with ethernet port is an example.

KVM switch recommendation

KVM Switcher Selector,Dacimora USB Switch

The KVM switch can be used to share 1 HD monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer between multiple computers.