How to secure your home network from hackers

Follow these steps to secure your home network from hackers.

1. Change the admin access password of your wireless router

Your router comes with a default admin username and password. This is what you use to connect to the router to change or modify the configurations. Based on the brand , the username and password for common routers can be easily found on the internet. This make it easy for hackers to get access to your wireless router. Changing the password for admin access makes you router more secure from unauthorized access.

2. Setup a password for wireless network with encryption

Enable a password for the wireless access on your router with encryption. Encryption standards like WPA is recommended to be used. By default, the wireless access on your router would not be using a password or would be a default value which is insecure. Ensure that the password is changed for securing your router.

3. Enable mac-filter on your wireless router.

Mac-filter is a feature which is available on wireless routers which would limit access based on mac-address of the device. This is an additional feature which is recommended to be configured to limit unauthorized access to the device. When configured, it would prevent the hackers to gain access even if they are aware or crack the wireless password.

4. Limit all access from the internet

Some routers have the capability to be accessed from the internet using remote access protocols like telnet, ssh etc. If these are available, ensure that it is secured using strong passwords or disable access.