This article explains the steps you must follow to protect your PC from the ransomware attacks. A ransomware as the name suggests, is a software which encrypts the files on your PC, and then demand a ransom for decryption for making the files usable again. This is one of the most common and deadly attacks which are targeted on end users, small business and large corporations.


How does a ransomware enter your PC

An attacker can target a ransomware attacks on your PC in the following ways.

1. In this method, an email is sent to your email id which has an attachment or a link which is intended to deceive you to either download or install the contents of the attachment or make you click on the link to download malicious content.

When the activity is performed, the malicious code is downloaded on your PC, which would then install ransomware on your PC. This technique is known as phishing.

2. In this method , you are searching for some products on a search engine and you visit a malicious website, which when clicked would download ransomware on your PC in the background.

The above two methods are the most common methods by which attackers target your PC for ransomware attacks.

How to Protect your PC from ransomware

The Kaspersky Total Security is the recommended product for protecting your PC from ransomware attacks. This software is a an advanced malware protection software which provides protection from ransomware and other malware attacks.

The software would block access to malicious websites and would detect ransomware files when trying to execute it on your PC.

The software Kaspersky Total Security should be installed on your PC as a mandatory for protection against ransomware. The software can be purchased and downloaded from Amazon here – Kaspersky Total Security

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