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This article explains three different ways by which you can monitor websites visited on a home network. The different solutions explains how to log and track websites visted on wifi network.

How to monitor websites on a home network using wireless router

In this method the wireless router on your home network is used to monitor the websites visited.

can a router track websites visited

A router can track websites visted on wifi network. It should be noted that not all routers can be used, as the functionality to monitor, log and track websites would not be available on all of them.

There are routers with inbuilt app to monitor websites visited on wifi.The websites accessed can be viewed using the app. These routers are typically wireless routers with parental control feature. Ths type of routers can be be checked here. Wireless router with parental control.

Parental control is an advanced feature which is available on routers for managing and controlling user access on the network. This include features like maintaining website logs, control access to users and schedule internet time.

The Gryphon Parental Control Router is one such router which has the capability to log and track websites visited by wifi users on the network.

More details of the Gryphon Parental Control Router can be found on Amazon here – Gryphon Parental Control Router

This router has an inbuilt app which would display the list of websites accessed by the users on the network. The screenshot of the websites captured by the app is shown below. The app can be downloaded from the app store and can be configured and setup on your mobile.

It can be observed that the list of websites accessed by the users on the network can be viewed using using the app as shown in the above screenshot.

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How to monitor websites on a home network using Open DNS

Open DNS is a a free cloud based solution which provides deep insight on what websites are visited by users on a home network. With this solution , you can use your existing router. The DNS settings on the wireless router has to be modified to point to the OPENDNS cloud system.

The details of the OPENDNS can be viewed here – OpenDNS Details – Click here

In addition to the websites visited, OPENDNS can also be used to filter and block websites based on categories. Also, the solution blocks phishing websites which would be then create a secure network for the individual users.

How to monitor websites on a home network using wonderhare software

The third way to monitor and track websites on your home network is to use a parental control software app like wondershare software. This app is used to monitor websites visited on wifi.

In addition to viewing the website logs, the software has got very good parental control features which would allow to restrict and control your childs website access at home.

The details of the software and how it can be downloaded can be viewed here – Click here to check out wondershare software

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