In this article we understand how you make an existing parallel printer wireless. Currently on the network, there is a wireless router. The mechanism to make the parallel printer wireless is explained below.

How to make a printer wireless

Step 1.

Purchase a parallel port print server (Recommendations provided below). A print server is a device which is used for this purpose.

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Step 2.

The print server would come with a parallel port and a network port. Connect the parallel port on the printer to the parallel port on the print server with the default cable which comes along with the printer.

Step 3

Connect the network port on the printer to one of the ports on the inbuilt switch which comes on the wireless router using a RJ 45 cable.

Step 4

Configure the print server with an IP address on the existing network.

Step 5

On the wireless clients like laptops, configure the printer settings to use a network printer and configure the IP address of the print server.

Step 6

After completion of the above steps , a parallel printer, is converted into a wireless printer and makes it possible for users on the network to print using wireless.

Check out parallel port print servers