Limiting screen time for kids is a difficult task. The tried and tested options are listed below.

1. You tell the child to stop TV after a certain time, but it is not followed.

2. You set a pin on amazon firestick, but your child is smart enough to find it out, because of the dumb mechanism used by firestick to manage passwords (PIN)

But did you know that a smart plug can be used to limit TV screen time for kids ? A smart plug can be scheduled to power on and off at a certain time.

The Wipro smart plug comes with a Wipro Smart home app which can be used for scheduling the time. The TV can be connected to a smart plug instead of a regular plug and the time scheduled with the app.

Wipro Smart Plug – Click Here

The smart plug connects to your home wifi network and can be controlled with the app. Once connected , the app can communicate with the smart plug from anywhere.

Using a smart plug can be an effective way of limiting screen time. You can connect the TV to the smart plug and schedule the time. The TV would then power off automatically at the scheduled time.

Warning : If your kid is ‘smart enough’ to find out that the switch is smart, and connect the TV to the normal switch when you are not around, then its time to realize that your kid has grown. Good Luck !!

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