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If you are experiencing slow wifi at home, the following are the possible 5 reasons and ways to fix them for improving the performance and speed of your wifi connection.

1. How to fix slow wifi at home due to router speed

The speed of your router is one of the factors which could cause slow wifi. Routers speeds are decided based on the type of the router. For example a gigabit wifi router can provide much better wifi speed than a traditional router. Check if your router is gigabit or plan to upgrade to one for fixing slow wifi.

The TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX73) is a good choice for gigabit router.


2. How to fix slow wifi at home due to poor wifi signal strength

Home wifi signal strength is another reason for slow wifi at home. If the distance from the router to place where you are seated is far, then you could be encountering a weak wifi signal. You could use any wifi signal strength tester app available on the google store to check this.

If the signal is weak, you can extend your wifi using a Wifi extender or a Powerline adapter

You could also change the location of your router to check if the situation improves.

3. How to fix slow wifi at home due to wireless router range

The range of the router could be another reason for slow wifi. You wireless router may not be supporting the necessary range to accomodate the area at home. For example, the router could be supporting only 1000 sqft area when actual area which needs to be covered is 2000 sqft.

The specifications of the router can be checked to test if it supports the required area.

If the range is less you can probably plan to upgrade your router. This can be checked on Amazon. Wireless router for long range

If your home is large, you could probably look at whole home wifi mesh routers. These routers are specifically designed for large homes where the wifi signal does not reach all areas. This would also solve the problem of wifi dead zones where the wifi signal is unavilable.
The TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System (Deco S4) is a mesh router which can support upto 5500 Sqft.


4. How to fix slow wifi at home due to bandwidth congestion

There could be network bandwidth congestion where a user at home could be hogging your internet connection. For example, you kid at home could be playing games on the internet which is bandwidth intensive. This could be the cause of internet lag and subsequently Wi-Fi.

To resolve this, you need to configure bandwidth control on your router, This feature would ensure that every user has a fair share of internet bandwidth. If your router does not support this feature, you need to get a Wireless router with bandwidth control

5. How to fix slow wifi at home due to single band wifi routers

Single band wifi router can cause slow wifi. When a single band wifi router is used, all the users are connected on one single radio. This could create network congestion problems especially when there are a large number of users on the network.

To resolve this issue, you can either use a Dual band router or a triband router. A dual band router has two radios and a triband has three radios.

This would help segregate your wifi network at home into smaller networks and would significantly increase the performance and speed of the wifi network.

For example, all the users can be setup on one radio and smart devices on another radio.


Slow wifi is a common scenario in most homes. The above steps would ensure that the slow wifi problem which you are facing at home is resolved. Based on your home network scenario, you can plan to upgrade your router to suit your requirements or implement the ways suggested in the article.

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