This article understands how to find router IP address using multiple techniques. Your router has two IP address which is the LAN and other is the public IP address. The LAN IP address is used normally for accessing the admin interface of the router and for configuration purpose. The public IP address is assigned by the ISP and used for internet access. In this article we understand how to find the LAN IP address of the router . The topology we uses is shown below.

Find router IP address

How to Find Router IP address using TCP/IP adapter setting.

Step 1

Open a command prompt window on your Laptop / Desktop and type ipconfig

Step 2

Scroll down to the wireless adapter section on your Laptop / Desktop as shown below.

Step 3.

The router would typically assign IP address to the wireless adapter using DHCP Server on it. The Default gateway value on the screen would the routers IP address.

How to find Router IP address using tracert command.

The tracert command returns the hops which a packet takes to reach its destination. We do a tracert to The 1st hop the packet has to take would be the LAN IP address of the router. The detailed steps are explained below.

Step 1

Open a command prompt on the Windows system.

Step 2

Type the command tracert as shown below.

Step 3

Observe the 1st IP address which is returned which is This would be the IP address of the router , since the 1st device /hop which the packet crosses would be the routers IP address.