In this tutorial we understand how to find the IP address of access point which is setup on a network. The details of the scenario is explained below.


A wireless access points is installed and setup on a network. The network has a DHCP server which is used to provide ip addresses to the users. After the access point installation, the users are able to access the network through the wireless channel. After some days, the network admin needs to access the web management console of the access point for additional configuration. The admin had forgot to make a note of the ip address of the access point during setup. An appropriate solution has to be identified so that the network admin can get to know the ip address.

How to find IP address of access point


Option 1

If the access point has a console connection, the network admin can connect to the access point through the console cable and type the appropriate commands for retrieving the IP address. But this would again depend of where the access point is installed. If it is installed on the ceiling, this would become a tedious task, although not impossible.

Option 2

The admin can install a wireless network monitoring software on his computer which would scan the wireless network for available access points and display the IP address of the access point. One of the softwares which can be used for the purpose is Wireless network watcher. This networking software scans the wireless network and displays the IP address of the access point along with it’s mac-address and SSID. This tool is a very effective and can be an appropriate solution to find the IP address of the access point. The software can be downloaded from the below link.