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This article explains 2 ways to extend Wifi to basement using using power line extenders and by extending the network using ethernet cables.

There might be instances where you need to boost Wifi in basement at home.

The following explains two options in detail with the necessary components.

Extend Wi-Fi with power line adapters

Power Line adapters is an ideal choice for extending the Wi-Fi on the ground floor to the first floor. Power Line adapters comes in pairs as shown in the below diagram.

This device is specifically used to solve the above problem of extending the Wif-Signal in basement.

Power line adapter recommendation – TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter – 2 Gigabit Ports, Ethernet Over Power

More details of the powerline adapter can be found on Amazon here – TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter – 2 Gigabit Ports, Ethernet Over Power

In this scenario, one power line adapter is connected to a power outlet on the floor where the router is setup and the second adpater to a power outlet in the basement.

Power line adapters use the power line for creating a physical network between the two floors. It is an effective way to extend the Wi-Fi to a different floor.

Extend Wi-Fi with ethernet cable

This method explains how you can boost wifi range in basement with ethernet cable. You would need to extend the cabling from the main floor to the basement. The distance between the floors have to be calculated and the Ethernet cable purchased for the required distance.

You can check for more details on ethernet cables on Amazon here – Ethenet cables

In addition to the ethernet cable, you may need to purchase additional networking components like RJ 45 outlet, patch chords. A cable technician would help you identify and setup the right components.

The cable can then be terminated on the first floor with the necessary RJ 45 outlet, where the device which needs connectivity can be connected using ethernet cable.

The ground floor would also have a RJ 45 outlet , where the router would be connected.


1. Which of the above two options would be better.

When Power Line adapters are used , the network can be setup faster than the second option.

When the second option, which is use of ethernet cable , the structured cabling work has to be done. This would be time consuming. Also many building owners may not permit this as it may require drilling and other work to be performed.

2. I have multiple devices which needs to be connected to the basement. Will this setup work.

In this scenario, you can purchase a Wireless access point. The access point can be connected to the ethernet cable, which is connected to the power line adapter on the main floor.

In case your are using the second option, the access point can be connected to the RJ 45 outlet on the main floor.

Once connected, the access point can be configured with appropriate Wi-Fi and security parameters to which all the devices requiring connectivity can connect and gain access.

3. Which of the above two options would be a cost effective one.

A pair of TP-LINK power line adapters would cost you less that $100. For structured cabling , you may need to hire a cable technician and the materials required for cabling. This would be more expensive and time consuming than power line adapters.

4. How do I buy a power line adapter

Power line adapters are manufactured by vendors like Tenda, TP-LINK, netgear etc. You can check out for deals on Amazon here – Power Line adapter

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