How to connect two computers to one printer

This article explains how to connect two computers to one printer. Here we assume that you have a USB printer which needs to be connected with two computers. Follow the steps for setup.

Step 1

1. Purchase a 2 port USB switch. The 2 port USB switch will allow you to share the printer with multiple PC’s

You can purchase the device from Amazon here – 2 Port USB switch

2. Install the printer driver on the PCs. This can either be installed using the CD which came with the printer or downloaded from the internet based on the model number.

3. Configure the printer on the respective PCs for USB printer configuration.

4. Connect the PC’s to the USB port on the 2 port switch using USB cables. This is as shown below. The device is connected to the printer using a USB cable. Both the PC’s connect to the device using USB cables.

printer sharing with multiple computers

5. The above 5 steps would ensure that the PC’ are now able to share and connect to the printer.

6. Test the print from both the PC’s. If the configuration is successful, the prints would be successful.

The above setup does not need any wired or wireless network since the computers are connected to the printer using USB cables.

If there are more computers to be connected to the printer, a 4 port USB switch can be purchased. A 4 port USB switch is also recommended , when you have expansion plans like requiring to add additional computers to the printer at a later date. 4 port USB switches can be purchased here – Check out 4 port USB hub on Amazon